Thursday, September 8, 2011

The GOP Debate Analysis

Brian Williams spearheaded the charge with ridiculously worded questions such as "Gov. Perry, with 200+ executions in the state of Texas, how do you sleep at night?" Or John Harris "Gov. Huntsman, can you label which of the candidates here would be considered 'crazy' as you commented before?"

Everyone with common sense expected nothing less from the liberal buffoons that "moderated" the panel of candidates from last nights coverage at the Ronald Reagan Library on MSNBC. The candidates did very well over all. I do feel Gov. John Huntsman wasn't really connecting with the audience going off on comments that couldn't generate even one clap. Herman Cain was very pointed and articulate with his ideas when asked.

Gov. Romney did very well, I say, but that was also because he was not the target of the moderators and the other candidates. Romney used to be the front runner for the Republican nomination but then Gov. Rick Perry from Texas jumped in and quickly took lead. It was Gov. Perry that said "I feel like a piñata." Yes, Governor, you're right." Gov. Perry did very well for his first debate. He stood by his words and policies. He did regret the handling of a very controversial medical procedure for 12 year old girls that was imposed in Texas, but aside from that he stood by his record and his every word. The only part I felt he came across as weak was the response to the climate change part. John Harris asked a condescending question: "Gov. Perry, which scientist do you find most credible on this subject?" He asked making the case that there is a consensus among scientists about global warming - excuse me - climate change. Perry did not respond with the confidence he showed all evening and didn't even respond directly to the question.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich showed by he's a master debater taking on the questions with ease though, much like Michelle Bachman, I felt he was really mute throughout the evening. That goes the same for Rick Santorum.

Some have said that the one that got the least time was Ron Paul. I missed the beginning so I can't confirm, but I wouldn't be surprised either. Still, Ron Paul came away confident, articulate, strong, objective and determined. He made a heck of a case as to why he is better suited then the rest of the "typical politicians" to be President. I must agree with the straw poll though slightly that he did "win" the debate. I hate to say "win" more like he did the best. Second place I would give to the very presidential-looking Mitt Romney. Again, Romney was spared this evening though he took shots at Perry along with nearly every other GOP candidate there.

It was a good debate, I felt. Not the best when the "moderators" are not intent to "moderate" the debate. But it could have been really bad too like some of the last debates asking about phone preference and drink tastes.

I'll be providing more primary-run coverage on the site because this is a prelude to perhaps the most important election in modern history.

Stay tuned everyone!

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