Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Top Ten Apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Did you get a BlackBerry PlayBook over the Weekend? Not sure of what to put in your PlayBook? Do you doubt there are even any good apps on the PlayBook? Well, good thing you've come to the right place! I created a list of my Top Ten must-have apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

I don't list any games here. That's going to be its own posts with video too!

Your PlayBook should come preloaded with these apps:

  • Kobo Books
  • facebook
  • Slacker
  • YouTube
  • 7 Digital Music Store
  • Bing Maps
  • Calculator
  • Documents To Go Premium

What's really cool is if you have a BlackBerry you can install BlackBerry Bridge and use almost all 3rd Apps through the bluetooth con nection via your BlackBerry! Hey, if you're already paying for unlimited data, make the most of it!

Note: Click on images for link to App World.

e-Mmanual+ Bible Reader- Having a Bible reader is most important for me. Having multiple Bibles is even more awesome! This app has at least 18 Bibles in various languages including Chinese and Japanese! Take notes, tab verses, and creating prayer lists are among the awesome features of the app! As of v3.0 I am not sure there is a free version anymore. At $1.99 its an affordable app. Highly recommended!

FlipClock - This is my MUST-HAVE app if you have the OEM charging dock or 3rd party charging dock. I use my BlackBerry smartphone as a clock on my charge pod all the time. This is no different just easier to see across the room. Best of all, its free!

Box.net - If you're a frequent visitor of my site you would know I embed all of my podcasts and and documents for my site on Box.net. The app is the first on any BlackBerry platform. I love the latest version. I download and upload with ease. Don't have an account? Well, just consider the fact that DropBox hasn't released an app for the PlayBook yet. 

Evernote - Evernote is just about everywhere on every platform. If you use it, like I do, then this is a no-brainer.
News 360 - This is one of the coolest news reader apps I have used. No spin. Just headlines from all sources. Everyone reports. You decide!

BlackBerry News - This is the app I use the most. If you have it on your BlackBerry smartphone, this app will automatically register your RSS Feed with that on your phone. The major downside of the app is that it doesn't sync with your read/unread stories whether you're on your phone or tablet. Still, I always use this one!

ScoreMobile - Here you have the best sports tracking experience on any platform! The smartphone app is a must-have for any sports junkie. ScoreMobile for Tablet is must better because of the screen real estate. Its free now go get it!

Blaq - Here's the ultimate Twitter client for the PlayBook. The only drawback of this awesome app is that you have to pay for it. Honestly, its perhaps the best $1.99 you'll spend. Multiple twitter clients, page previews, retweets, posts, etc all without leaving the screen is always awesome!

AIR Browser - Why there's no root menu available on devices such as the PlayBook is beyond me. Lucky for us we have this really handy app. Rename, move, even delete files you have on your PlayBook you can't otherwise even see. Oh, this one is free too!

Income Calculator - The native calculator on the PlayBook is really awesome! It has a scientific calculator, unit conversion, and Tip calculator. I'm the kind of guy that is always managing my funds so I need my trusty Income Calculator. There's a couple of other apps that do the same. This one is my favorite and its free. Makes life easier!

BONUS: Apps for Leisure

Beats Relax - Garden Rain, White Noise, and Waves. High quality. Runs for 14 minutes. Pay to unlock the rest of the features.

Stressless - Dozens of different soundscapes. Never boring. Free to download!

Fireplace Fire! - Turn your Playbook into a portable fireplace! Free to use. Upgrade to HD for $1.99

Piano - Come on. You can't play piano but you want one any way! You can record your own melodies here too in case you accidentally discover your inner pianist!

Wet Paint - Paint anything you want without the mess. You've always wanted to mess with paint, right?

Classical KUSC - KUSC is perhaps the last classical music station in Los Angeles. They were amongst the first to put an app for PlayBook. Love it! Listen every night!

There's no official Amazon Kindle App for the PlayBook but the Cloud Reader App works great in portrait mode. If it doesn't load properly, just hit refresh while on portrait mode. Enjoy!

These apps are just the beginning! More goodies are on the way including some great games. But come February 17, 2012, we'll be able to tap into the true potential of this device with native apps and the long-awaited Android Player!

Welcome to the BlackBerry PlayBook Community! Now enjoy your HD camera, video chat, and superior web browsing experience!

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