Monday, December 12, 2011

WANTED: Site feedback and feature requests

Dear readers,

As this year winds down, I take a moment to reflect on what a journey this year has been in every area of my life. Truly its been one of big life changes. One such change has been the direction of my site. I love the new layout and the readership audience has been a bit overwhelming. Thank yiu all for reading my site and following my twitter reel!

There are a few things I have in the pipeline that I could sure use assistance on. Hereks a shortlist of features and improvements to content that I have in mind. I expect to turn this into a poll later when I have more time to determine the level of interest and importance.

So here's the list:

1) A musical theme for The NewsReel podcast. Any volunteers to create a news theme or should I borrow an existing idea? This does not apply to The Critic Corner podcasts.
2) Monthly digest (summary) newsletter of the big goings down on the site emailed, say, month to subscribers?
3) Increased use of video or audio news verses simply excerpts of "printed" news
4) New logo options perhaps to be selected foe the possible newsletter. I can post these up for viewing later.
5) More contributors to the site.

There you have it. Its quite a task for one person to do merely as a hobby. Let me know what you all think in the comments below or on Twitter!

Have a happy new week!

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