Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The NewsReel for Mobile and Web App!

Hi, friends!

Thank you for viewing my blog. Over the years the site has changed dramatically. I like to think that I finally found the format and layout I've sought out for the info-reel I do. My goal is to continuously provide news that I highlight in a concise manner, and also make the information easily accessible.

The world is going mobile. That is why my site can be viewed on any mobile browser. The link will automatically redirect to the mobile version of the site. If you're on a smartphone that has a HTML5-capable browser, great news! You get to experience my site in full HTML5 glory! No flash needed!

Did you know my site is a web app too? Yep, it is!! HTML5 is required to view and use the app. Share articles with friends via facebook, twitter or email. Follow the Twitter feed all from the web app! Point and shoot your QR code scanner below to link straight to the web app or simply go to:

Thanks for your support!

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