Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OP ED: Jeremy Lin 是台灣人!

Look, I been to Taiwan. I'm married to the most beautiful Taiwanese woman that ever graced the earth. This whole "Taiwan is China" debate continues only because the big, bad evil Communist regime of China is holding guns at every's head demanding that everyone recognize Taiwan as China. The simple matter-of-fact is that Taiwan is NOT China. One can argue Taiwan is the true China in the way they have kept the traditions of ancient times including the writings and language.

Communist China on the other hand has tried its darnest to erase the old culture and cement itself in modern times as a unified country robbed of its identity. One thing modern day China has in common with Ancient Chinese Dynasties is the desire to conquer the world. Modern day China has succeded far more than previous empires in taking over the world. They have one major hiccup on their road to conquest: Taiwan. Taiwan, a free republic with its own culture, language, and even currency, is a much friendlier country than the prison-like Mainland China.

I sometimes joke that my favorite Chinese are the Taiwanese. But just like I'm not Mexican and my family roots stem to Spain, I identify myself as Salvadrean because that's the birthplace of my parents. I don't hear anyone making fuss over that.

Taiwan is an independent state and should be treated as such. Furthermore, Taiwanese-American Jeremy Lin is a devote Christian. He would never be allowed to be himself in Mainland China. In Taiwan he can proudly be who he is. Red China should abandon its evil political policies, spread freedom in its own borders, and recognize Taiwan's sovereignty before they can ever "lay claim" to a great up-and-coming basketball player that never would have been who he is had he been born and raised in Communist China!



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