Sunday, May 13, 2012

BOX OFFICE REPORT: "The Avengers" Breaks 2nd Weekend Gross! [UPDATED]

The Avengers is MASSIVE indeed! At this rate the movie has a legit shot at reaching $500m. Its estimated 2nd weekend gross is $103.2m. That's more than enough to break Avatar's and The Dark Knight's $75m average 2nd weekend gross.

Congratulations to The Avengers cast and ultimately the crew behind it! For some reason, the only film I and the box office gurus have never been able to accurately forecast is Iron Man (or any film with Iron Man in it). Before last Monday's actuals for The Avengers were released, I stood by The Dark Knight Rises reigning supreme for the year. I must admit that a shadow of doubt has come over me. The Avengers benefited from more than 50% of its tickets sells coming from 3D, IMAX, and premium Large Screen formats. The Dark Knight Rises does not have the 3D bump to help its numbers, but I know it will win in attendance. Who will be on top? I'm still pulling for The Batman. I believe Nolan is completing his masterpiece in a way no one can predict.

Two more months and all will be clear!

Weekend actuals will come out Monday. More weekend estimates will come out Sunday.



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