Saturday, May 5, 2012

Box Office Weekend Reporting

This year I want to return to doing box office reports. I been spot on my coverage of The Hunger Games so covering the summer box office is a no-brainer.

I pegged The Avengers at opening the weekend at $140m. Now, I don't have access to the inside numbers like major box office reporting outlets like or, but I have intuition. The summer 2008 year (the last time I did Box Office reporting) I scored a 100% and out did the box office gurus. This weekend I thought I would be right too as studios released numbers as they came for The Avengers. Well, the turnout happen to come at night - not the midnight shows. Figures for The Avengers Friday showings are estimated at $80m. If that number holds and people continue to the theatre after strong word-of-moutn and excellent reviews, The Avengers could likely beat Harry Potter 8's $169m 3-day opening record.

Yeah, I was off on this forecast. My first flaw of the year. Up until 8pm PDT my tracking was spot on. The movie-goers really came in strong at night especially in the west coast which is why the numbers ballooned overnight. And that's good! This movie deserves to be recognized as one of the best comic book adaptations ever!

I stand by my forecast of The Dark Knight Rises being the top movie of the year and having of chance of setting the biggest opening in history too! How much? I think a $200m domestic weekend opening is possible even without the 3D ticket prices that The Avengers has an advantage with.

Anyway, go watch The Avengers! Great movie! Oh, note that the new Spiderman trailer comes out with it. The fans had a lukewarm reaction to it. No claps. Some coughs. The Dark Knight Rises trailer came up next. The theatre hushed. The fans applauded and cheered at the end it more so than at the end of The Avengers movie. Just pointing that out ;)

Have fun at the movie!

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