Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gwinnett woman improving in fight against rare infection  |

REPORT: A Gwinnett County woman who lost her leg to a bizarre bacterial infection is showing some minor signs of improvement, but she's likely to lose more limbs in coming days, her family said at a press conference Thursday.

Aimee Copeland (Pictured at Left), who contracted the bacterial infection after a zip-line accident near Carrollton last week, is communicating with her family through head nods. But the 24-year-old remains in extremely critical condition at an Augusta hospital, where she has been holding onto life since last week.

Her father, Andy Copeland, said Thursday that while his daughter is giving some encouraging signs, such as indicating musical preferences, the bacteria that has ravaged her body could result in the amputation of her hands and right foot.

"Her fingers basically appear mummified," said Copeland, flanked by wife Donna and daughter Paige, 25.

But the Snellville family is encouraged by the small things, he said. "What we've got is nothing short of a miracle. My baby is alive and her mind is good. I know we have a difficult road ahead, but right now we're rejoicing."

The neurologist says there is no indication of any brain damage, according to Copeland. The cardiopulmonologist says that her lungs are slowly healing, he added.

But the doctors have stopped short of saying the worst is yet over, said Donna Copeland, a clerk at Snellville Middle School.


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