Friday, June 29, 2012

SAME OLD SONG: BlackBerry Delays BB10 Phones, announces to cut 5,000 jobs

I can't sugar coat this. This is awful news. It was already a rough day for me personally and emotionally. Hearing this news breaks my heart especially on a day I needed to hear some good news.

Am I surprised? Nope, but I was still hoping for some good news on this front. The BlackBerry 10 smartphones look fantastic. I been desperate for a great phone. This one looks to meet my expectations. Sadly, the September-October release time frame was pushed to 1st Quarter 2013. I hate it when BlackBerry does this. It typically means releasing by the end of March 2013. No! Really? Probably 9 months to go? This is truly disappointing.

Announcing 5,000 job cuts isn't encouraging but necessary.

The company released their 1st Quarter earning for 2012 on Thursday. It's ugly and depressing. How will developers react to this news? I know that investors aren't happy with the news and the press is having a field day with this.

Is this the end of RIM? For a lot of uses, I'm sure they'll move on to other platforms while waiting for this phone. Sadly, with iPhone 5 and Windows Phone 8 along with Android running Ice Cream Sandwich is just going to be way too much for BlackBerry 10 to overcome unless more awesome, innovative features are introduced before BlackBerry releases the BB10 Phones. The company still has money in the bank, but they will burn through it faster as time wears on before the device launches.

Sad day for BlackBerry [again].
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