Monday, July 30, 2012

Most unruly protesters from outside Anaheim | The Orange County Register

REPORT: As protesters took to the streets on Sunday, marching from Anaheim police headquarters along Harbor Boulevard toward Disneyland, many of those obscuring their faces with bandanas and carrying gas masks were not from Anaheim. Numerous interviews confirmed they were from elsewhere. And, police statistics revealed on Monday, seven of the nine people arrested in the unruly protest were from outside the city boundaries, five not even from Orange County.

Those arrested included two from San Diego County and one from San Bernardino. Another was from Indiana.
"This is an injustice here in this city, but it's also a problem we see happening everywhere," said Michael Gomez, 26, from Los Angeles. "We're here to support our brothers and sisters experiencing the injustice here in Anaheim." But many Anaheim residents say they don't want the help, fearing outside, unruly demonstrators will paint local protesters as unreasonable troublemakers. As a contrast to the loud protests at the police station, about 100 mostly Anaheim residents, calling themselves Somos Anaheim (We Are Anaheim) gathered at City Hall for a silent two-mile march on Sunday to show solidarity and ask for peace.


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