Tuesday, July 17, 2012

OP ED: Obama's Awful Reelection Campaign

We all knew it would come to this. Barack Obama was going to employ character assassination tactics against his opponent. With his relentless attack on GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Tomney's Bain Capital record, Obama increased his rhetoric over the weekend to show the country and the rest of the world his true colors. 
The most talked about story of Monday was Obama declaring that business owners did not create the business on their own. What's more, Obama spelled out a business' "social contract" with the people. In simple terms, Obama finally showed his Communist colors and didn't retract.

 He won't apologize for attacking Romney's relationship with Bain. Liberals have come out to call Romney a "felon." Romney has demanded apologies from Obama and the Left, but they continue to slander and libel Romney. All this from the same President who called for civil discourse. All this from the President who called for a new sense of civility. All this from the President that was meant to unite us not separate us through bipartisanship. 

The election is clearly being defined as socialism vs free-market capitalism. For a long time i have seen the chasm between this country's 2 major parties grow wider and wider. I even believed in a 2nd civil war. With the President of the United States all but annexing Arizona and imposing his unconstitutional policies on states that refuse to accept such illegal policies, not to forget the increased social unrest and the brewing class warfare he is instigating, we are literally on the verge of a modern day civil war.  

Its a sad time in our history. 

I still believe in this country and pray we will prevail over the evil forces of liberalism. Most of all, i hope the United States citizens will wake up to see past the smoke and mirrors Obama put up to hide his own disastrous record so that we can vote him out of office!

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