Monday, August 13, 2012

Ryan takes on Obama in Iowa, as VP pick recharges campaign | Fox News

REPORT: Paul Ryan will take on President Obama in the Iowa battleground Monday, splitting off on the campaign trail from Mitt Romney for his first solo swing as the newly minted Republican running mate.

The Wisconsin congressman is heading to the Hawkeye State as the focus of the race becomes -- for the time being -- all about him. On the heels of Romney's hastily called VP announcement Saturday morning, Ryan drew big crowds during a two-state bus tour Sunday and capped the day with an emotional homecoming at a Wisconsin rally.

Democrats, though, have wasted no time ramping up their attacks against him as they try to make hay out of the controversial Medicare plan he authored as House Budget Committee chairman. The Obama campaign went up with a new web video Monday morning timed for Romney's arrival in senior-heavy Florida. The ad ended with the message that is already a Democratic talking point: "Romney-Ryan, ending Medicare as we know it."


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