Monday, January 14, 2013

Website Update

Good morning, readers!

Thank you all for following my blog. Last year was a great year of growth, but the numbers took a bit when my domain expired with Google during November. Then my TwitterFeed broke and I just noticed it last week after being down for two months. Well, my feed is now reconnected to my twitter (@TheNewsReel).

This year I was going to take a different approach to my site in a way to basically end my blogging services. The recent unconstitutional attempts of this Administration have caused me to do a double take. Not to mention I have to continue coverage of greater things like the BlackBerry 10 launch January 30th.

At any rate, its not easy for me to post at my convenience. I have an Android, a BlackBerry, and a Windows Phone 8. The best at "posting" is via BlackBerry but that's through email. None of these platforms offer a good Blogger app. Even the native Android Blogger app sucks. So I have decided that the fate of my site is tied to BlackBerry 10. I  have already seen some apps from native to third party for various blogging services like WordPress and Tumblr for BlackBerry 10. I will keep an eye on these leading up the BlackBerry 10 device launches. The blogging service with the best app on BlackBerry 10 may just win me over so I can kiss Blogger goodbye!

Stay tuned and thanks again for your loyal support!!!!

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