Monday, March 25, 2013

New Blogging Content Format Coming!

Hello, dear readers!

Without a doubt you've noticed my absence. With the unfortunate passing of my grandfather and pressures of personal responsibilities, I have not been able to add content to my site. I may not be able to for some time. This actually allows me to introduce a new content format. By that I mean, I small change in aesthetics of the site and reducing my posts to mainly Op Eds and some video news posts. This would make posts few and possible far in between, but I think its for the best.

Meanwhile, I remain active on Twitter. I highlight, interact, and retweet news constantly. You don't even have to follow me. Just bookmark my twitter page. I'm not in the "numbers" game so I wouldn't be offended if you don't "follow" me on twitter, but it would be nice to be followed ;)

Thanks for your continued support!

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