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OPINION: Re-Definitions

DISCLAIMER: I’ve said it on many occasions, and I will reiterate it for new and old readers alike: I support traditional marriage. I am opposed to the militant gay activism that intends to instill and install their immoral behavior studies in our schools to re-educate children. I am not, however, anti-gay in the sense that I hate them for their lifestyle choice. In the end, they chose that lifestyle. I do not like it or accept it, but I do not condemn them for it. God hates the sin and loves the sinner. As a practicing Christian, I have to learn to abide by His commandments. So it is with that mindset that I write my opinion pieces.

The above video of Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart’s response to opponents of same-sex marriage summarizes in part the hostility of the those on the left against those on the right. To those like Jon Stewart (a faux news satirist), it does not matter how the Supreme Court came to its decision. What matters is that those of his viewpoint got their way. In the 8-minute video he goes the length mocking and criticizing the concerns of conservatives regarding the slippery slope of redefining marriage. This video showcases the standings and attitudes of those on the left against those on the right.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” –Isaiah 5:20 NIV

In The Name Of Love

When I first heard the conservative argument that redefining marriage to allow same-sex marriage could open the door to allowing other forms of unnatural relationships, I balked at the weakness of the argument. Then I heard what certain gay rights activists had to say. Now I know that marriage is most certainly open to any interpretation that will turn it into a literal farce.

Marriage, by actual definition, is the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a relationship. It establishes rights and obligations between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws.

The secularists seem to give more weight to the argument that love is sex and sex is love. Since there are a lot of extramarital affairs among heterosexual marriages, the secularists use that as cannon fodder to advance the argument that monogamy is detrimental to love and relationships. In simple English, “forcing” two people to be committed to one another for the rest of their lives is damaging to a marriage, especially if both do not get what they want (READ: not enough sex or type of sex).

No, I am not making this up.

Dan Savage is one of the more prominent gay rights activists that writes a sex column called “Savage Love”. He is a gay man married to his husband with a strong hostility to social conservatives like myself. He says monogamy is “ridiculous”. He goes on to say we need to rethink monogamy as it is a burden on relationships, marriage in particular.

Apparently, this view is widespread among many successful gay marriages. This from a January 28, 2010, article from The New York Times titled “Many Successful Gay Marriages Share An Open Secret”: “When Rio and Ray married in 2008, the Bay Area women omitted two words from their wedding vows: fidelity and monogamy.”

Since monogamy is a strain on relationships, according to how the “world” views it, but polygamy is frowned upon, a new form of practice has emerged: polyamorous. Polyamorous is a mix and combination of any sort of relationships such as a husband and wife and an additional partner. In many cases, each spouse has a lover, and that lover has a lover. Here’s an article published July 21, 2014, about polyamorous people from The Atlantic “Multiple Lovers, Without Jealousy.”

Gay marriage in the United States is meant to be about “equality" and “love,” according to gay rights activists and supporters. As evidenced by the sources on this article, it’s beyond a doubt the world equates love with sex. In fact, how often is the phrase “make love” used to reference the physical action? Lovers can and do engage in sex. Sex is not love though. Sex can be an unhealthy addiction and a source of crime. There’s no love in any of that. So it is appalling for the Supreme Court to use the world’s definition of love as an excuse to permit same-sex marriage as opposed to using the Constitution, and in doing so leaves the door open for further redefining.

Polyamorous people do not all marry one another though so that shouldn’t be a concern to further redefine marriage, right?

Meet The “World’s First” Gay Married Throuple

These three Thai men got married February 27, 2015, in Uthai Thani Province, Thailand. Though Thailand does not legally recognize same-sex marriage, the married group did a symbolic ceremony.

But that’s Thailand not the United States. That doesn’t apply here. Or...

A Matter Of “When”, Not “If”

The liberal secularists like Jon Stewart argue that its “common sense experience” to allow same-sex marriage. “What’s wrong with it?” he asks rhetorically. He believes all those opposed to same-sex marriage are bigots and homophobes. Exo facto, what does it matter if Evangelical florists or bakeries such as those in the news recently from the Midwest get persecuted? They deserve it for discrimination, according to the liberals.

Supposedly, changes in public views on gay marriage is what helped push it to be legalized throughout the land. So what’s to stop pedophilia or incest from becoming an acceptable practice?

Born This Way: Sympathy and Science for Those Who Want to Have Sex with Children” by Cord Jefferson West Coast Editor of Gawker. The article makes the argument that pedophilia “is a sexual orientation”. I do not need to elaborate on this.

How about support for incest? Many fans of the show Game of Thrones don’t seem to mind much that one of the central relationships is that of Jaime and Cersi Lannister – twin siblings. But that’s a popular show on HBO not public opinion.

The Director of The Notebook for his then-new film Yellow on September 10, 2012, made some clear statements at the Toronto Film Festival. The film Yellow is a love story between two siblings. Director Nick Cassavetes was quoted as saying, “Love who you want. Isn’t that what we say? Gay marriage – love who you want? If it’s your brother or sister it’s super-weird, but if you look at it, you’re not hurting anybody except every single person who freaks out because you’re in love with one another.”

Gay couples were afforded civil unions that provided them the benefits of a heterosexual marriage. That obviously wasn’t enough because it lacked the title to make them “equal”. Gay couples were “reduced to second class citizens” without the proper title. Now they have their wish, but where do we draw the line? The gay rights movement was not and is not simply about equal rights, acceptance, and inclusion in society. It is a sexual revolution rooted in promiscuous and unhealthy activity. I did not make the natural laws, but that’s the way nature works: male and female. That’s how we “evolved”, is it not?

In Defense of Monogamy

Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. We hear that often. There are cases where people have been married multiple times. The most often cited causes for divorce are sex, money, and religion (where applicable). The most famous, high profile divorces are celebrity marriages. “They never last” as the saying goes.

Anecdotal evidence suggests public opinion views marriage as overrated or not as important as it used to be. One of the main contributors to this effect, I argue, are the live-in couples that seem to be the norm nowadays. Why marry if you’re already living the married life?

On the flip side, the news perpetuates the idea that homosexual couples are actually more faithful to their partners, and more stable in their relationships.

So marriage as a goal in life is at an all-time low, but those same people that don’t seem to care for it support and believe the gay couples can be better at it?

The problem that plagues marriage isn’t the baggage you carry into it, rather, it’s the thought process or idea of what marriage is (and love, for that matter). For some uninformed Christians, they see marriage as a way to have safe sex without being condemned by the Orthodox church order. I’ve shared that marriage is the most expensive sex you can buy. And if that’s the only thing to look forward to in marriage, its doomed to fail be it among Christians or secularists. Marriage is not about sex. It is an institution where procreation is the prominent goal, yes, but marriage is also a union of a man and woman with compromise. There are things you are meant to give up and leave in the service of your spouse. Marriage is about dying to yourself to be someone new with your other half.

I doubt this is the mindset of many failed marriages.

I knew what I got into when I asked my wife to marry me. I knew a year into our courtship that she was the one I could not be without. And I knew it meant I had to work at it to earn her love before and after marriage. If we treat marriage as a luxury item I know more marriages will last. You have to work hard to earn the money to buy a fancy car. When you have it, you have to work hard to maintain the car regularly. You never stop working. There are those that feel they are entitled to that car and have the means to buy it without putting any work into it. Those marriages never last. Buyer’s remorse.

In conclusion, there’s nothing wrong with a monogamous, traditional marriage. There is plenty wrong with what society believes it to be and what it’s for. That does not mean we cannot try to set proper examples for the next generation.

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