Thursday, July 30, 2015

OPINION: Cecil The Lion - A Tragic Double Standard

Just one day after news broke of the death of Cecil the Lion killed by hunter Walter Palmer, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Thursday they will investigate the killing. This response comes after many death threats against Palmer who had to close his dental practice and go into hiding. Protestors outside of his dental facility and residence continue to call for Palmer to face justice for the murder of Cecil the Lion.

That was quick. Quick response that is into the possible illegal killing of a beloved lion.

The two Zimbabwean men that prepared the lion at the gaming farm for Palmer to shoot were arrested and faced a court hearing Thursday. For now, Walter Palmer continues to be in hiding having believed to have followed the rules to hunt the lion after paying $55,000 to the gaming company to do so.

Much news coverage has been done on this story with no signs of slowing. The outrage over the killing has reached a fever pitch. The news coverage of the lion is so extensive, Newsbusters reported Wednesday that the major news outlets in the United States gave more press time to Cecil the Lion in one day than they gave the damning Planned Parenthood abortion exposé in two weeks.

What abortion videos, you may wonder?


That was just the tip of the ice berg as the group behind the investigation – The Center for Medical Progress – released more videos over the next two weeks. The national response was, well, not much. The Press hardly cared. The Federal government that funds Planned Parenthood – the number one abortion clinic in the country – with $500 million tax payer annually has not launched an investigation into the harvesting of fetal organs and subsequent intent sale for profit. Planned Parenthood only issued an apology but continues to murder babies daily. Wednesday the Senate introduced a bill by Rand Paul to defund Planned Parenthood. Democrat Minority Leader Harry Reid vowed to block the bill.

Also on Thursday, a judge blocked The Center for Medical Progress from releasing more damning footage of StemExpress, a medical organization providing maternal blood, umbilical cord blood, among other things for medical research.

Where is the moral outrage and outcry against companies that murder unborn children? Why do we allow our tax dollars to pay for such an abominable practice? No one thinks about this even when told about this fact. Yet, how bad would they feel if they learned that their iPhone or clothing were made by sweatshops that employ child labor to make it?

We live in a crappy society where a talk show host can choke up while talking about Cecil the Lion’s death, but not one tear is shed for the murdered, unborn children. In fact, Obama went as far as to “God Bless” Planned Parenthood, and praise a group of pro-abortionists for “doing god’s work. He didn’t blink while he earnestly said that.

What. The. Hell.

There are more prominent racial issues today than last year as groups fight to make “Black Lives Matter.” Most of those groups are targeting privileged white people. They should instead be targeting Planned Parenthood. Apparently, more black babies are aborted than born in New York City.

Imagine what kind of world this would be if people actually cared about a single unborn child as much as a Cecil the Lion.

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