Wednesday, July 1, 2015

OPINION: Inequality Won

Last week, proponents of same-sex marriage proclaimed “equality” and “love” were victorious with the Supreme Court ruling in their favor on landmark cases. The behavior of many on social media and the press was that of jubilee and exaltation. If you been living under a rock the past ten years and crawled out of it to read/see/hear news of the Supreme Court ruling, you would think that love did not exist in this country before that. 
Therein lies an inherent problem I’ve talked about since the early millennia: the lost meaning of words. More on this some other time.
With the ruling, supposedly we are closer to all being equal than ever before. This is not true, was not true before, and will never be true. Simple response is The Balance of the Universe or the Law of Compensation: To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If someone takes something, someone is giving that something up.

How did we get here?

The religions of this country – mainly Christian, Catholic, and Jewish – had to either loosen their orthodox beliefs on deeply held traditions, be denied certain liberties that were the reason this country was created, or be discriminated for refusing to accept changes in society and public opinion. The answer though can be condensed even further: America turned away from God. This is important to understand because as much as the secularists try to hide it, there is no denying the fact that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. No other country with the exception of Israel has ever been dedicated to God before or since. For the “Christian” America to now be far away from righteousness and proudly shunning God is a sign of dangerous times.

The reason the rulings from last week are so groundbreaking is that the decisions were based by and large on political agenda. There is no constitutional ground for said decisions. The majority of the justices – mainly the liberal justices on the court – legislated from the bench. In his dissent, Chief Justice Roberts said the ruling was not based on the anything in the Constitution. In fact, Justice Kagan admitted as much a few years ago. She said then that there are no Constitutional grounds for same-sex marriage. Last week she ruled in favor of same sex marriage.

It is not the Court’s job to create a law. It is their job to review laws passed by Congress. Only Congress can create the law. The Supreme Court reviews it. The President signs it into law. That’s the point of co-equal branches of government. But alas, anyone with conservative senses should know better than to trust a liberal Congress, a liberal presidency, and a liberal Supreme Court. The rulings should not come as any surprise to those in-the-know.

Notice how I mentioned “rulings” with an “s”. What else was ruled upon last week if not just expanding gay rights?

Equally as important was the ruling the day before on Obamacare. law. The Federal government is not a “state”. Under the constitution, states are reserved powers through the 10thAmendment. This new precedent from the Supreme Court removes those powers and gives it back to the government, basically. The following day, the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot uphold traditional marriage (or ban same sex marriage). This erosion of powers granted to the states only signifies an increasingly powerful central government akin to that of a totalitarian regime.

How can the laws of the land and the protections it offers its citizens be upheld if the Court can decide what things mean, and then change the definition of said meaning to that which fits a political agenda?

But all these are moot points in the overall scheme of things. America has turned away from God. And now, its proudly celebrating unnatural unions legalized and endorsed by the ruling officials of this country. And to add insult to injury, the President, on a day of celebrating the Supreme Court ruling, and mourning the loss of blessed brothers and sisters of the faith in Charleston, South Carolina, said “May God continue to shed His grace on America.” How can this president expect God’s grace as he himself continues to endorse wickedness and immorality throughout his presidency?

Want more proof that this nation continues to give God the boot? The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday to take down the 10 Commandments from the Capital building.

Schools used to correct children for running down the hall, chewing gum in class, or not grooming themselves. Today, parents worry about bullies, drugs, sex crimes, etc. All this after prayer was removed from school.

America never had to worry about enemy attacks on its soil trusting its borders and oceans to protect it. Now there is constant threat even if we refuse to acknowledge it. What can any sensible person expect to happen when God is removed and unwelcomed by a nation dedicated to Him?

"What pastors have been preaching for the last 300 years in America, what Christians have been believing for 2,000 years, and Jews have been believing for 3,000 years, all of a sudden this is hate speech. All of a sudden this is intolerant. All of a sudden this is verboten."

-Jerry Johnson, President of National Religious Broadcasters to The Christian Post 9/28/2014

Jerry Johnson couldn’t be more correct on the matter. As America continues to ignore God and criminalize His followers, I can say without a doubt God’s blessing and protection will be lifted. All in all, these are the necessary events that need to happen in order for Biblical prophecy to be fulfilled.

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