Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Thoughts On The BlackBerry Priv Slider

By now most of the tech world should seen the video above that hit the web last week. The video walkthrough by Baka Mobile is irrefutable evidence that the device does exist and is coming from BlackBerry. As of this post BlackBerry has not released any information as to the existence of this device. For now, it remains a rumor that's all but official.

I've said many times that a BlackBerry + Android would make for my dream phone. I carried both devices for years and still do to this day. The idea that now both can be merged into one is a dream finally realized! And how!

The tech world is excited about this device. Pocketnow and Android Authority both express their excitement over the device. The ones that seem discontent, on the other hand, are the hardcore BlackBerry users

I lump myself in with the hardcore BlackBerry users, however, I do not agree entirely with the sentiment that BlackBerry should not be making an Android device. BlackBerry 10 devices have not made the company profitable. The adoption rate of the legacy BlackBerry users did not translate over to the new OS either hence the lost in users to competing mobile OSes. I do agree that BlackBerry could at the very least release two versions of the slider: one running BlackBerry 10 and one running Android.

BlackBerry, as all the leaks have shown, looks to have kept a vanilla experience with Android with “BlackBerry 10” style add-ons to the OS. The Hub appears to be there along with universal search. Add to that a front-facing speaker and a slide-out, biometric sensitive physical keyboard, and a Schneider lens rear-facing camera, BlackBerry seems to have pulled out all the stops in the attempts to make a huge splash with their first Android device.

As I said a few years ago:

A hybrid phone, not Frankenstein’s monster type phone, is what I long for. BlackBerry put its trademark specialties on an evidentially stock android experience to create the ultimate experience on Android. If that’s not enough, here’s the biggest kicker: BlackBerry secured Android. Albeit unconfirmed as if this post, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that he was open to making an Android-powered BlackBerry only if he could secure it. And make one he did.

To say the Android crowd is the largest collection of mobile users would be an understatement. Android controls the lion share of the mobile OS market. Android users are the ones most excited about this device. And that’s great news! Hardcore users are clamoring for some innovation, something to stand above the rest of the rectangle slabs out there.

The BlackBerry Priv has the makings of a hit that the maker so desperately needs. Let’s hope it all materializes quick and gets to our hands soon! As for me, I want to buy it already! 

One more thing. BlackBerry, PLEASE CHANGE THE NAME!

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