Friday, September 25, 2015

PODCAST: Addressing the Immigration Issue

Election Season. It’s the time when people that don’t even bother keeping up with the goings on in the world get worked up over political rhetoric. It’s the time when friends and family bicker over differing viewpoints. In the end, people will mostly vote along party lines because they don’t know enough, are too entrenched with their political bias, or simply because they don’t want the other side to win.

This next presidential election is different than last because it’s open game for both major parties. The Republicans have a multitude of options ranging from business owners, doctors, governors, and politicians. The Democrats are trying to pave the way for Hillary Clinton by downplaying the email server scandal, delaying debates with her male competition, and bringing up Vice President Joe Biden as backup.

Most everyone has an opinion on immigration. These are my thoughts through a four-step plan on how to solve the illegal immigration and border issue.

  1. Secure our borders! This is a security issue not just an immigration issue
  2. Deport criminal illegal aliens; repeat offenders should be tried by US law
  3.  Offer work visas to existing illegal immigrants. Cannot deport 11-15m people
  4.  Reform the immigration system; ensure it does not get this bad again

Sources mentioned:

Recommended documentary on the ongoing border crisis Congress refuses to deal with: 
Cartel Land

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