Saturday, September 26, 2015

SOUNDTRACK REVIEW: The Thin Red Line by Hans Zimmer

No main themes. John Williams pulled it off in Saving Private Ryan now Zimmer pulls it off with The Thin Red Line.

"The Coral Atoll" begins with low rumbles becoming ever louder before being joined by a loud French horn blast. Once the horn fades away the music becomes soft and mellow and remains so for the next 7+ minutes.

"The Lagoon" is more atmospheric music than much else. A distant male chant and bell clang during the beginning of the track. The track ends with underscore before fading off to a ticking clock leading up to . . .

“Journey to the Line" is the most emotional and powerful score cue Zimmer has ever composed. The ticking clock is joined by low strings playing in loops increasing in tension for the next four minutes. Then the music climaxes to synthesized brass blasts. After the horns fade off the song continues on high strings and carries on for the duration of the track. This song alone is worth the album price.

The rest of the album is airy with rolling strings and some tense moments with brass sections like "Stone in My Heart" and "The Village".

These are just tracks I highlighted. The entire album is worth the purchase, but “Journey To The Line” is the haunting song I play over and over again. Hans Zimmer is a master at emphasizing emotions during scenes. This emotional and pensive score album is a marvel and his best work yet. Listen to it to learn why its on my Top Ten list of Favorite Scores of All Time!

My Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

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