Tuesday, September 22, 2015

UPDATE: Content Scheduling

Hello, reader!

I wanted to give another update about the goings on behind the scenes here. I'm working out a schedule for specific content. Here's what I got so far:

Thursdays - Technology posts (Video or write ups)
Fridays - Opinion Editorial posts (Podcasts or write ups)
Saturdays - The Soundtrack Corner reviews

I got this week's content all scheduled up. Working up the next week's content based on my time. I hope to remain more consistent this time around!

Oh, and speaking of this week's content, I'm updating my approach to my initial series of tech review videos. Since iOS9 dropped last week and Windows 10 Mobile near "completion", I've decided to do an updated version of my BlackBerry vs Android vs iOS vs Windows 10 Mobile. My last one was nearly 3 years ago. Makes sense to update it now that the field has changed and become more mature.

Stayed tuned!

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Thanks for reading!!

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