Saturday, October 3, 2015

SOUNDTRACK REVIEW: The Great Raid by Trevor Rabin

Armageddon, Gone In 60 Seconds, Enemy of the State, Deep Blue Sea, American Outlaws, National Treasure. Most of these scores are good but all too electronic. Trevor Rabin restrains himself from using any electronic instrument on this score. From the get-go, the score sounds like a mix of Saving Private Ryan for the main theme and a hint of The Thin Red Line for the subtle moments. It’s a well done mixture.

"The Rescue" starts off much like the Saving Private Ryan track “Omaha Beach”. Honestly, for a moment, you might think you’re listing to John Williams rather than Trevor Rabin. The giveaway is the track ending with a patriotic brass section. The song greatly displays Rabin's departure from his more recent scores.

Another good track featuring the brassy theme in its entirety is "The Great Raid". The complete theme is not heard on the movie but at least we get it here on the album.

There is only one action track and two tense songs. "Raid Begins" is action. "Rangers Start" and "Stealing Medicine" are tense build up. "The Great Raid" track is a mixture of both elements since it’s a bit tense before coming to a triumphant close to signal the conclusion of the raid.

"The End Credits" is arguably the best track of the bunch. It's a hymn to those that served juxtaposed to the real footage of the freed soldiers coming home in the film.

This score is orchestral, a first for Rabin making this his most challenging. I recommend this score to all drama score lovers.

I also recommend Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, We Were Soldiers and The Thin Red Line as well.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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