Friday, November 20, 2015

TECH REVIEW: BlackBerry Priv vs Galaxy Note 5 Comparison

Two productivity-focused android flagships. Two very different approaches. Check out how the new BlackBerry Priv stacks up against the best of the android flagships!

I tested the Priv with its stock launcher and features. I customized the Note 5 using the Google Launcher (I hate Touchwiz) and installed the BlackBerry Keyboard on it too.

I've used the Note 5 on and off for a couple of months. I been using the Priv as my daily driver since I got it. Here's what I like and don't like about both devices.

BlackBerry Priv
Pros: Beautiful screen, feels good in the hand, lighter than it looks, front-facing speaker, productivity features, expandable memory
Cons: Expensive, dismal battery life, screen too dim, weak speaker, poor front-facing camera, tricky wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Pros: Beautiful design, S-Pen features, quick charging, beautiful display, awesome cameras, split-screen capability, loud bottom-firing speaker
Cons: Too slippery, fragile glass build, TouchWiz too cartoony, average battery life, awful RAM management, limited split-screen capable apps, no expandable memory

By the way, there's a bonus after the credits ;)

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