Monday, December 7, 2015

OPINION: The Administration's Screwed Up Priorities

Loner, crazy shooter attacks a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Media and Presidential Administration blame Conservatives, Christians, and Republicans though the guy was none of it. 

Islamic extremist couple shoot up innocent people, leave a bomb, carried multiple weapons and improvised explosives, expressed ISIS sentiment, and had known terrorist connections. The Media and Presidential Administration are trying to spin this as workplace violence. (Like the Fort Hood Muslim terrorist shooter that killed solders? That kind of "workplace violence"?) 

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is more concerned about "Anti-Muslim" speech rather than the fact that terrorists are already here and need to be weeded out. 

Obama wants to ban guns as if gun laws ever stopped crazy people. (Guns and loopholes aren't the issue.) 

In the name of political correctness, educated and civilized people come across as ignorant, careless fools not calling out and dealing with evil when it stares them in the eye. Instead, they target "evil" Republicans, Christians, and Conservatives. 

Why? Just because we don't go along with the Democrat agenda? 

What the hell is wrong with our country?

Originally Posted 12/04/15

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