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REPOST: In Defense of Christmas


The War on Christmas.

Those of us in the faith know what I am referring to when it comes to the Assault on Christmas. For a long time, we have seen Christmas go from a time honored tradition here in America, to the largest commercial machine powered by greed, want, and a false sense of necessity.

Then the entire institution come under attack outside of the corporate world by the atheists and liberals that oppose Christianity. News in recent years includes the city-wide banning of Christmas (Santa Monica), the cancellation/alteration of a school event that was going to show A Charlie Brown Christmas (here and here), and most particularly the removal of the word Christmas altogether in favor of something more “accepting and less offensive”: holiday.

Nowadays, it’s offensive to wish someone a merry Christmas, a holiday meant to be a symbol of joy, hope, good cheer, and giving, but it is in no way offensive to wish someone a Happy Halloween – a holiday rooted in the demonic, satanic, violent and fear.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Rather than yell at the same Christmas Scrooge every year, in this article I call out those that should know better. I’m talking about the growing movement within the Protestant Church to also ban Christmas.

Yes, Christians refusing to acknowledge and, much less, celebrate Christmas.


Because of the questionable origins of Christmas.

In 2016, it seems everyone is suddenly interested in talking about the origins of Christmas. Was it because Trump said Merry Christmas? The DailyMail did an entire article - based on a book review - detailing the debate over Christmas that's gone on for a couple millennia. (Worth a read. Check it.)

There was a time I refused to celebrate Christmas. I despised the holiday not because of its roots, but because I was a Charlie Brown. I wasn’t a happy person back then. I was a depressed, pessimistic guy – not emo, but who could tell the difference? When I got involved in political commentary and activism, I realized how under assault Christmas was simply because it was a “Christian” holiday. That’s when I started saying Merry Christmas during the season and celebrated it proudly.

But this "anti-Christmas" movement isn’t news. It’s a debate that goes back hundreds of years. More on this in a moment.

Before I wrote this article, a cousin of mine asked for my opinion regarding a tragic roller coaster accident that happened at a Florida theme park. Several people died and others injured. Terrorism was suspected. My response was: "What theme park? And why would it be reported at 9am EST when nearly all theme parks open around 10am and later?" One quick scan of my sources quickly proved it was a hoax story. There are supposed new sites that operate solely as click-bait to drive traffic. (Hey, if it’s on the internet, it has to be true, right?) I know better to take the news with a grain of salt. Seriously, if Walt Disney World or Universal Studios in Orlando ever has a minor accident, the world will know immediately!

I been covering current events, conspiracy theories, headline news, political issues, and religious doctrinal subjects for the better part of 12 years. The first rule I learned was to question everything: mainly the sources. (First thing first, Wikipedia is an awful source for historical subject and current events. Anyone can switch things up quite easily. Check out the show Mr. Robot to get a feel for how easy it is to manipulate digital content.) But there’s also solid material to be found on the internet from trusted sources. Free Republic is a source I’ve turned to in the past for Conservative news, but only recently did I find out they produced an excellent article debunking the myths of the “Pagan Christmas” origins. That article is an excellent read so I’ll share this link here. The discussion continues in the comments with some people providing arguments for and against the original post. The conclusion I draw from all this is that debate continues over so-called "Christmas traditions".

Let’s get to it. Is Christmas pagan? I’ve read about the roots. People are hung up on what decorated trees, yule logs, lights, etc mean. Or that Jesus was not born on Christmas, among other details people bicker about. My answer is a question: Depends on you, doesn't it? What "Christmas" are you celebrating? The commercialized Christmas propagated by retail outlets looking to cash in on the season? The Santa Clause Christmas that features a tone of decorations with questionable origins? Or the Nativity Christmas remembering the birth of Jesus?

“But Jesus wasn’t born on the December 25th!”

So why not celebrate his birth on whatever day you believe it to be? No? Is it better to block it altogether? How many people have issues with the ever shifting Easter holiday date?

As for the fundamentalists in the Church banning Christmas, my argument is quite simply this:

  • Corporations commercialized the holiday and ruined the giving season by turning it into the greedy season.
  • The world popularized the whole Winter Wonderland make-believe of Santa, elves, and reindeer, that teaches kids to “receive” rather than "give".
  • The liberals and atheists of this country have done a lot of damage in removing Christian symbols, words, and “religious references” from the public eye as a means of keeping the “separation of church and state”. Christmas, therefore, is a Christian holiday and must be censored, but not Halloween or the Islamic holiday Ramadan.
  • Communists, Nazis, and other evil governments have attempted to ban Christmas.
  • "Historians" argue that December 25 is actually a Satanic day, etc, etc.

That list is bad news. To celebrate Christmas is to stand against the detractors. 

So, church leaders who oppose Christmas, the whole world stands to not only censor Christmas because of “Christ”, but also to redefine the meaning of the season by turning it from "giving" to "getting". If you want part in censoring and changing Christmas too, are you treating Easter equally too? What do Easter bunnies, candy, and egg decorating have anything to do Christ's death and resurrection? What about Easter Break debauchery?

Do you incorporate "contemporary worship music" in your church? There's no doubt about the wicked origins of that form of music! 

My point is, be consistent with your practices.

Christmas for those of us in the faith is the season to remember Christ our Lord. It’s not about decorating trees or believing in Santa Claus. It’s the most wonderful time in the history of creation when our Lord came unto us humble, meek in a manger, far from the luxury befitting a king. 

It’s time to take Christmas back from the naysayers, the doubters, and the haters! Like most things ruined by the world today, it’s time to restore what has been broken! 

I doubt there will ever be a consensus on Christmas, but much like Christianity is the most fractured religion in the world, many denominations believe Christ is Lord.

Remember our Lord and Savior. I do. His birth and death (and resurrection). Those around me remember his birth in this season, so that's what I'll continue to support.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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