Saturday, December 5, 2015

SOUNDTRACK REVIEW: Willow by James Horner

This score is hailed by many fans and critics as Horner's greatest adventure score. I agree that its one of the best. The problem I have with choosing Horner's best score is difficult because the `80s was Horner's best composing decade.

Between John Williams' Star Wars and Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings, we have Willow. I haven't seen the film, yet but the music conveys the message of epic adventure. Wonderfully performed-as always-by the London Symphony Orchestra, Willow stands on par with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

"Elora Danan" opens with chorus much like The Land Before Time accompanied by tense moments before we hear the main theme played by the flute at the 2 ½ minute mark. After the main theme's performance, the track becomes dark and tense and leads up to soft, childish music.

"Escape From the Tavern" is a sweeping, action song carrying the energetic version of Willow's theme.

"Willow's Theme" is probably the best of the bunch because its Willow's theme on its own.

"Bavmorda's Spell Is Cast" is a colossal track lasting over 18 minutes long! There's much diversity in this track ranging from panic to mellow to tense action.

This album definitely belongs with your Star Wars and Lord of the Rings collection.

Other adventure scores by Horner I recommend are: Krull, Mask of Zorro, Legend of Zorro and Braveheart.

Also, discover CutThroat Island, one of the greatest swashbuckling adventure scores in music history.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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