Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WORK SMARTER SERIES: Newton Mail (aka CloudMagic) Overview and Review - ...

This is my first video in a series of coming videos targeted at informing business professionals on how to Work Smarter. Not Harder. As a business professional myself, balancing work and family can get real tricky. Worst part is, sometimes the effects in business carry over to the household and vice versa. If there’s a way to reduce the stress of having to stay connected, while at the same time being able to spend more time with family and friends, time management is crucial. 

Time is money. If saving time is saving money, then being more efficient and effective with time means to be an efficient user of money. Every penny counts!

To kick off my Work Smarter series, I’ll be covering a couple of communication apps starting with the newly-branded Newton Mail. 

I expect to produce videos to this series on a bi-weekly basis throughout Season 3 of The Tech Corner. Subscribe to stay up to date with my videos! As always, thanks for watching!

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