Wednesday, October 5, 2016

THE TECH CORNER: How to Install Cobalt Google Play Store on BlackBerry 10 OS

It’s been a year since my original video displaying Cobalt’s Google Play Store walk-through. A lot has changed since. Here is an updated video based on the most recent changes and latest updates on Cobalt’s apks.

Some of you might be experiencing issues with your Android Runtime on your BlackBerry 10 device. Some of you might not even know if you have a buggy Android Runtime that might not let you delete android apps from your phone. I cover all this and how to fix the runtime issue in this video.

I take my time in this tutorial to thoroughly address as many issues and questions that are usually brought up regarding the Play Store and the Android Runtime on BlackBerry 10. I’ve time-stamped the video so you can skip to the spot you want to view.

0:13 Intro
0:56 BlackBerry OS Android Runtime Analysis
4:14 Intro to Cobalt Google Play Store 
7:24 How to Update the BlackBerry Android Runtime
8:23 How to Check BlackBerry 10 OS Version
9:36 Install Cobalt’s Play Store apks

Activating Google Play Services
12:14 Step 1: Google Account Log In
12:53 Step 2: Register Device
13:29 Step 3: Google Settings
13:49 Step 4: Launch Google Play Store
17:05 Step 5: Android Mobile Network Settings

Android Runtime Walkthrough
14:10 Installing Apps from Google Play Store
15:10 How to Navigate the Android Runtime

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Cobalt's PlayStore 10:

Android Runtime Analysis:

Android Runtime Update:

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