Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2016 California Proposition Results

YES Prop 51 – School Bonds. Funding for K–12 School and Community College Facilities. Initiative Statute

YES Prop 52 – Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.

NO Prop 53 – Revenue Bonds. Statewide Voter Approval. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

YES Prop 54 – Legislature. Legislation and Proceedings. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.

YES Prop 55 – Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

YES Prop 56 – Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research, and Law Enforcement. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.

YES Prop 57 – Criminal Sentences. Parole. Juvenile Criminal Proceedings and Sentencing. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.Penalties

YES Prop 58 – English Proficiency. Multilingual Education. Initiative Statute.

YES Prop 59 – Corporations. Political Spending. Federal Constitutional Protections. Legislative Advisory Question

NO Prop 60 – Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements. Initiative Statute

NO Prop 61 – State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing Standards. Initiative Statute.

NO Prop 62 – Death Penalty. Initiative Statute.

YES Prop 63 – Firearms. Ammunition Sales. Initiative Statute.

YES Prop 64 – Marijuana Legalization. Initiative Statute.

NO Prop 65 – Carryout Bags. Charges. Initiative Statute

YES Prop 66 – Death Penalty. Procedures. Initiative Statute.

YES Prop 67 – Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags. Referendum.

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