Thursday, November 10, 2016

THE TECH CORNER: I Cracked my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen!

Here's a quick video diary of cracking my screen and getting it repaired at the official Samsung Service Center in Los Angeles.

It was inevitable. Everyone drops their phone every once and a while. This was just one of those drops that incapacitates a phone. 

I was carrying a lot of items one evening along my driveway. I had been exchanging messages of all sorts with multiple people. I received a message I had to reply to, but instead of a waiting a few seconds more to set things down, I reached for my phone in my pocket. It slipped off my hand falling face first onto the concrete. I didn't notice the crack immediately, and I didn't except it either since it was wearing a case. Then I heard glass cracking. When I got indoors and tried prying the phone out of its case, more glass cracked. Only the front of the phone was compromised.

The screen was still responsive, but the glass shards were real sharp. I had no choice but to swap phones that evening. Good thing I have backup phones!

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is water resistant. There are phone repair shops I've used in the past near my place, but this is not your typical phone. I was more concerned about the water resistance after the repair than the repair cost itself. I remembered there was a Samsung Service Center in Los Angeles, CA. Sure enough, I found them on Yelp using a Google Search. Nearly all the reviews were turning me off to going in person. Besides, I'd have to set aside nearly a day just to cut through traffic to Downtown Los Angeles. Good thing was I had a couple of meetings scheduled in Downtown Los Angeles so in case I did have to wait for the phone repair, I wasn't going to be just sitting around waiting!

I confirmed my schedules for that day and planned to be at the Samsung center before opening time. It was a near 2 hour drive through traffic from my place to Koreatown in Los Angeles. (I see what you did there, Samsung!) By the time I got to the store, there were at least 7 people ahead of me. I expected this. Anyone that did their research would know the store employees don't answer the phone and no reservations can be made. This was a first come first serve joint. 

The center itself is neatly laid out though they showcase dated hardware. They have a big poster of a Galaxy Note 4! My goodness, not even the Note 5? There is a unisex bathroom there that was immediately soiled by the first moron to use it. Seriously, they had just opened. The dude walked in and sprayed everywhere. I used the stall after him so this I know. How inconsiderate can people be? Ladies use the restroom too! Worst part was there weren't any paper towels to clean with.

At any rate, I waited about 10 minutes before having my device checked by one of the 3 service techs there. After a thorough inspection, they advised the phone should be ready for pick up by 3pm. It was almost 10:30am. I signed the paperwork and left to go out my work meetings and lunch in Downtown. When done, I returned to pick up my primed device. Good as new!

Since I used Samsung's Service Center, the repair comes with limited warranty. That softens the blow received by the $240+ out-of-pocket charge for the repair. Hey, it beats paying $770+ for another S7 edge!

Moral of the story: don't go for your phone when you've got your hands full!

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