Wednesday, November 9, 2016

OPINION: General Election 2016 a Referendum Against The Democrats & The Republican Establishment

I been uncharacteristically silent about this election. That was on purpose. This election has been hotly contested since the early days with so much information changing on a daily basis.

The one constant throughout the election process was Donald Trump – the most polarizing figure to run for office in my lifetime.

The General Election 2016 will go down in history as a referendum against the Ruling Class of the Country. The rich puppet masters that run the government and the Democrats in power could not stop what effectively turned out to be the resurgence of the neglected Americans, the victims of failed domestic policies that have left them without work, alienated, and forgotten.

The attack on Republicans from the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Social Media, the Tech Giants, and Democrats was expected. It’s the fire that mostly Republicans go through and Democrats avoid. With Donald Trump, the attacks were unprecedented. Not only was he attacked by all the areas I listed above, he was also attacked by the Party that was supposed to support him: The Republican Party. The higher ups of the GOP, known as The Establishment, consist of groups of rich, liberal, RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) whose only agenda was breaking bread with their liberal Democrat buddies. The Establishment ran the show.

In 2008, the Establishment gave us John McCain, Senator of Arizona and former POW, famous – or infamous – for siding with Democrats. A “True Moderate”, “Middle of the Road” kind of guy, the Media said. Up to that point, John McCain was the most liberal Republican ever nominated. Since McCain wasn't getting the Conservative vote, the RNC threw a Hail Mary and brought in then-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin into the campaign to bring in the vote for him.

McCain lost hard.

In 2012, the RNC nominated a good man, Mitt Romney. He had a lot going for him save for one thing: Romney was more liberal than John McCain. But the RNC said he was the right guy in contrast to Obama. Fiscally, they were different. Socially, you’d be hard-pressed to find a difference among them.

Mitt ran. He lost the election in a landslide with lower voter participation.

Fast forward to 2016.

Donald Trump is not someone I get along with. Since the beginning I called him an egomaniacal, self-obsessed blowhard. He’s also an astute businessman. That last part is what convinced me that he’s the better fit to run this country. The United States is the largest corporation in the world and its run by lawyers that have never had to worry about paying payroll. Most important of all, he is not a politician. He is someone that started his campaign on his own dime – not the Establishment’s money. The RNC couldn’t control him or manipulate him. The RNC bought off other candidates in order to topple Trump.

Didn’t happen.

All the polls throughout the country pegged Hillary as the winner months leading up to the election. They said Trump would lose in a landslide, and Republicans that endorsed Trump would lose their Congressional seats.

Donald had a win for the ages. And the Republicans maintained a majority in both The Senate and The House.

The Media proclaimed Trump supporters were violent, racist, sexist, unhinged, angry white people, all the while liberals were the ones beating Trump supporters up, mobbing them, firebombing RNC headquarters, defacing Republican and Trump locations, threatening, destroying cars, etc.

Amid all that animosity, prejudice, and persecution, the majority of the American electorate voted for a political outsider.

In the end, The People were tired of:
  • Failed liberal domestic policies and out of control spending.  
  • A weak sitting-President with an equally weak foreign policy that gave room to other foreign groups to gain a scary amount of power: Russia, ISIS, Islamic Brotherhood, Iran, and North Korea. 
  • Being told how to behave, what to think, and how to take care of one's self through over-blown, biased social issues, laws limiting the 1st Amendment and Religious Freedom, and Government-run healthcare that is destroying the healthcare system and draining citizens of money through increased premiums. 
  • Not feeling safe of being in public anymore due to multiple terrorist attacks on American soil, and through increased racial tension fueled by the current Administration and perpetuated by the media elitist. 
  • An Administration that abused its Constitutional authority, 
  • The corruption and manipulation in all branches of Government. 
  • A do-nothing, weak, Republican-led Congress too afraid to stand up to the Administration. 
  • Their Constitutional Rights being trampled upon by the most radical, leftist Administration in history.
  • $19.8 Trillion Dollars in debt of which more than half was spent by this Administration than all 43 Presidents before him combined!
  • Political Correctness.
I’m not a Donald Trump fan. I made a decision not to vote for him. That’s why I didn’t endorse him. Sure, I defended him at times because of the liberal media message out there, but I was not convinced to cast my vote for someone I wasn’t entirely sold on. I was a Ted Cruz supporter. At the voting booth, I nearly cast my vote twice while leaving the President selection blank. I must have stared at my ballot a good 5 minutes before finally deciding to cast my vote for Trump.

I didn’t vote him because I agree with him on everything or like him. I cast my vote for him because his win would send a huge message to not just this country’s liberal elitist, but the world.
As the election tallies continued into the night and the results shook the world over, I felt better knowing I was right. This election and a Trump win has so far proved to be repudiation of the liberal policies of the outgoing administration, and a rejection of the status quo. 

The Republican Establishment too are on notice.

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