Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Top 5 TV Scores of 2010 - The Soundtrack Corner

In this edition of The Soundtrack Corner, I play selections from my favorite television scores from 2010. With this podcast, I finish off my series of "Best of the Year" for film and television. Hope you've enjoyed this countdown!

Stay tuned for the next "Best Of The Year" installment come December 2017!

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Tracks highlighted in this podcast:

5) "Main Titles" from The Walking Dead by Bear McCreary
4) "Main Titles" from Batman: Under The Red Hood by Christopher Drake
3) "The Game Is On" from Sherlock: Series 1 by David Arnold and Michael Price
2) "Honor" from The Pacific by Hans Zimmer, Goeff Zanelli, Blake Neely
1) "Moving On" from Lost: Season 6 by Michael Giacchino

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