Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My HTC U11 Review (2 Months Later)

Two months ago I got my HTC U11. It took some time to get used to a non-Samsung device again. Still, being the huge HTC fan I am, I wasn't immediately enamored with the U11. Software is fast, but the design lacked a couple things I care about: headphone jack and metal design.

Hit the jump below to watch my review on the U11 two months later.

- Fast performance even two months later
- Beautiful look and feel
- Edge sense comes in very handy
- Solid camera
- Great audio performance
- Beautiful screen
- Better-than-expected battery life
- Water resistance

- Newly launched 6GB RAM/128GB on-board storage version makes this one feel antiquated
- Very slippery design
- No headphone jack
- No wireless charging
- Camera shutter speed could be faster
- Device perhaps bigger than it should be
- Random audio sync issues especially with YouTube for some reason require a restart to correct
- Slow storage write speeds on SD card even with high-performance cards in use; Have to take the card out and use an adapter with my PC to transfer faster. Non-issue with the Samsung S7 edge.

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