Thursday, January 25, 2018

Content Update!

Happy New Year, Reader!

I took a much-needed month off generating content. Things are in the pipeline for the new month! 

Here's a list of you can expect for the month of February:

The Soundtrack Corner - returns from a hiatus with a new "Top 10" series devoted to contemporary television soundtracks! This is expected to be a a bi-weekly series over the next several of weeks.

The Tech Corner - Season 5 will resume February with an emphasis on the devices and services that help our lives be mobile. My companion series "Work Smarter Not Harder" will continue to be featured on my real estate website!

The Critic Corner - Plans are underway to resurrect this platform with a focus on television programming. TV is where its at! And with all this nostalgic atmosphere as of late, it seems like the perfect time to kickstart the series again!

Health & Fitness - This is a wholly new series I been foreshadowing towards the close of 2017. Check out my popular health tip series here. Might there be a Health Corner in the works? Time (and demand) will tell! Until then, you can see my health and fitness posts on Instagram @the_andres_segovia

The NewsReel - Content never stops on Twitter! Major news updates and stories that are interesting to me are tweeted daily. Follow me to stay in the loop @TheNewsReel

Did you know I wrote a book? Yup! Book 2 is on track for release Summer 2018! Learn more about my book here.

And that's what's going on behind the scenes!
-Andres Segovia
Twitter: @TheNewsReel
YouTube: The NewsReel

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