Sunday, September 23, 2018

Channel Segment Updates

Here's an update about behind-the-scenes and upcoming content!

First up is an update on The Soundtrack Corner Podcast. The next episode is due out by the 29th. Had to take an extended hiatus for the book release!

Next up, The Tech Corner. I have several videos in production. The next big video will be my review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. More "Vlog-type" videos will appear on my Instagram TV so keep an eye out for that!

The Critic Corner is a segment long-dormant but ever active in my mind. I have a reboot in mind, but will be discussing with partners to help make it come to life!

The NewsReel Editorial section. This will be coming to life as the Midterm election draws near. In the meanwhile, I am informing the public of policies and propositions that will affect home ownership and rents if passed this November. You can read more about on my real estate blog at

Thanks for reading!
-Andres Segovia
Twitter: @TheNewsReel
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