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Film music has long been a passion of mine. I've collected soundtracks since 1998. Sadly, the modern day film scores have been dumb-down, and simplified for mass audiences. The art form is just about dead. The evening I stepped out of watching The Dark Knight Rises I overheard someone complaining that music sounding the same as other movies. Wow! You don't hear that kind of criticism of movies very often! People are noticing the repetition and plagiarism in the industry. 

You're in a for a treat though. I've archived many of soundtrack reviews that never published on the website I contributed to. Only one was published but my favorite webmaster and contact moved on to another site before my other reviews could be posted. Years have passed. I have decided to finally upload them here on The NewsReel to add more dimension to the content of my site.

On November 2016, I rebooted my approach to The Soundtrack Corner. I've decided to cater to a wider audience rather than the film score aficionado. The Soundtrack Corner is now a podcast show where I highlight particular scores by certain film music composers. This is a better direction for my segment as I get to discuss the merits of the film music I highlight rather than dissect and criticize music most of my readers never even heard of.

Soundtrack reviews/podcasts are posted on Saturdays on a seasonal basis. 

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